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E-Class NSA Series Network Security Appliances

The SonicWALL® E-Class Network Security Appliance (NSA) Series is the industry’s first multi-core Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution, delivering enterprise-class Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection™ without significantly impacting network throughput. Combining a powerful deep packet inspection firewall with multiple layers of protection technology and a suite of high availability features, the E-Class NSA E7500, E6500 and E5500 appliances offer a broad range of scalable solutions for enterprise deployments in distributed environments, campus networks and data centers.

SonicWALL E-Class NSAs are engineered to be the most scalable, reliable and highest performing multifunction threat appliances in their class. The NSA Series prevents against a vast spectrum of network attacks with unprecedented speed. This speed of protection is enabled through the NSA multi-core architecture, a parallel performance design for ultra-high-speed threat protection and deployment scalability. Taking protection to new levels of control is Application Firewall, a set of customizable protection tools that empowers administrators with precise control over network traffic. Operational reliability is delivered through a high availability suite of features at the hardware and system level to optimize uptime and improve security coverage.

The NSA Series is a key part of SonicWALL’s portfolio of enterprise-class products and services for network security, e-mail protection and secure remote access. All E-Class solutions offer outstanding protection and performance while delivering elegant simplicity and unparalleled value. SonicWALL’s E-Class delivers the high performance protection required by enterprise-class networks in a solution that is engineered to drive the cost and complexity out of running a secure network.

Multi-core Performance Architecture
At the heart of the E-Class NSA is the SonicWALL multi-core performance architecture designed to provide breakthrough deep packet inspection and granular network intelligence over real-time network traffic without impacting network performance. The SonicWALL E-Class NSA can effectively deliver ultra-high-speed performance through the concurrent use of specialized security processing cores. Using the processing power of multiple cores in unison dramatically increases throughput and simultaneous inspection capabilities while lowering overhead impact.

Unified Threat Management Security Platform
The E-Class NSA Series delivers a highly redundant security and connectivity platform that is purpose-built for highspeed internal and external network protection, consolidating and extending security functionality throughout the network. E-Class NSAs integrate realtime gateway anti-virus, spyware and intrusion prevention to secure networks and VPNs against an extensive array of dynamic threats including worms, Trojans, viruses, malware and software vulnerabilities.

Deployment Flexibility
Designed for highly redundant operations, the E-Class NSA appliances are an ideal
solution for wired or wireless applications requiring high-speed access and heavy workgroup segmentation. With integrated support for standards-based VoIP, virtual
local area networks (VLANs), enterprise-class routing and quality of service (QoS) E-Class NSAs increase deployment flexibility and enhance productivity.

Application Firewall and Custom Control
Application Firewall is a configurable set of granular, applicationspecific policies that allow custom access control per network user, application, schedule or IP subnet level. These policies can restrict transfer of specific files and documents, scan e-mail attachments using userconfigurable criteria, automate bandwidth, control
inspect internal and external Web access, and support custom signatures.

Dynamic Protection
Dynamic threat protection, content filtering and application control services are
continually updated on a 24x7 basis to maximize security and decrease cost. IT productivity is increased by eliminating ad-hoc patch management for servers and
workstations, automating the application of new protection signatures and removing the necessity to manually update security policies.

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  E-CLass NSA Series Datasheet
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