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Every small or mid-sized business owner is looking for a trusted partner who can proactively manage his or her technology needs. Kriterium can fill that need.

Our Managed Onsite Services are built around an approach that has been proven successful and rewarding for businesses who acknowledge that technology is a vital part of their success.

A Managed Onsite Services agreement ensures that you are assigned to a permanent engineer you will visit you on a regular basis. This allows for a close familiarity with your network, relationships with your employees, and a deep understanding of your business needs. By receiving these frequent visits, you will also be provided with a discounted hourly rate that is applied to all business that you conduct with us in the future.

Kriterium - Technology Management for Your Business

Once assigned to an Engineer, we ensure proactivity by:

  • Conducting tasks on a proactive services checklist on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Completing these tasks will enable us to avoid the usual outages, errors, corruptions and inconveniences that plague your network today.

  • Providing access to the Kommunicate web site, a web based tool for collaborating with your Engineer that will track work performed, network documentation, billing, future projects, expiring items and a host of other features

  • Managing your Engineer via a Technical Services Manager who will look for trends in the type of issues that exist on your network, get involved in escalations, provide resources for third party technical support.

  • Maintaining complete network documentation in the form of inventories, diagrams, end of life plans, disaster recovery options, credentials and configurations to minimize the time that our team spends troubleshooting on a day to day basis.

  • Utilizing our monitoring services to determine that you routers, firewalls, servers, email, web site and other critical services are up and functioning. This is a critical component for our team to know of a problem before you do.

  • Holding quarterly Technology Management Meetings (TMM). These TMMs are held between a member of our executive team and anyone on your staff whom you would like to participate. These meetings are held at no charge to the customer and covers issues such as past billing, trends in the types of issues worked on, process, and budgeting for the future. All in all, the point of the meetings is to keep perspective on the fact that technology should be a tool for your business and not just a cost center.

In summary, our Managed Onsite Services provide you with a highly qualified and highly certified Systems Engineer, an experienced Technical Services Manager and a CIO level advisor in a pricing format that is affordable and manageable.

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