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By bringing together our SonicWALL product knowledge, Managed Services experience and quality relationships with Telecom providers nationally, Kriterium can engineer, deploy, monitor and support a redundancy solution for you. These services would apply if you require:

  • an Internet connection at your office to have maximum uptime and branch offices to always have communication with headquarters

  • that customers or vendors can always access your network and VPN tunnels can always be established

  • constant connectivity to a collocation facility or data center

Some notable features of our redundancy solution include:

  • the ability to use up to six different types of network connection, including sDSL, Broadband, T-1, DS-3, Ethernet, RF, or satellite

  • load balancing over all connections for maximum use of bandwidth

  • rules based on percentage of utilization or type of traffic

  • active VPN cutover in the event of an outage so that security associations do not have to be re-established

  • constant monitoring so that our team can immediately begin troubleshooting an outage while your users continue to use the redundant connection
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