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Receive up to a 35% discount on new APC UPS models!
APC’s Trade-UPS program is a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing power protection units for greater uptime and availability.

Receive up to a 30% discount on new APC accessories!
You can also buy additional APC products (up to 5 non-UPS items) at a significant discount, if purchased along with your Trade-UPS transaction.

Upgrade to two times the VA of your current UPS capacity
Trade-in old models for up to 2x the Volt Amps (VA) of your current UPS capacity or trade in multiple UPS for larger upgrades.

Full 2 year APC factory warranty on new units
Your Trade-UPS purchase will provide you with a full two-year warranty on each unit purchased.

FREE return shipping of retired units
As an added bonus, order your new Trade-UPS units today and receive FREE return shipping of your retired units back to APC.
(*Applicable only to defined easy access areas.)

Proper ecological disposal of returned UPS and batteries for free!
All old units, including hazardous UPS batteries, returned to APC will be properly and ecologically disposed of according to Environmental Protection regulations. This is a huge savings and you will appreciate knowing that these units are not ending up in a landfill and potentially harming the environment. Agency standards (a $5 to $500 value depending on the UPS).

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