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The Back-UPS CS provides professional-grade power protection for office and home office systems. Battery powered & surge protected power outlets, built-in phone/fax/modem line (DSL compatible) protection, safe system shutdown software with sophisticated power management features and pro-active audio-visual status indicators ensure office systems and their valuable data are protected from dangerous power surges, spikes and blackouts. Serial or USB connectivity gives users more flexibility making installation quicker and easier. Easy access to a hot-swappable, user-replaceable battery also makes servicing the Back-UPS CS hassle-free. These features along with its classic styling make the Back-UPS CS a perfect choice for protecting your important office and home office systems.

The Back-UPS LS Series offers leading edge power protection for high performance computer systems. With 7 power outlets (4 battery+surge and 3 surge only), 2 line fax/modem protection and easy-to-use file-saving, auto-shutdown software, the Back-UPS LS provides total protection for computer systems. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) corrects low voltage conditions without draining the battery. Its space-saving, ergonomic shape makes the unit easier to use and manage with outlets conveniently located on top and alarm indicators visible from any angle. Customer peace of mind is further enhanced by the addition of a $150,000 Lifetime Equipment Protection Policy, free trial offers of Anti-Virus, Email Privacy, System Recovery and Firewall software, as well as a Data Recovery Warranty provided exclusively by Ontrack Data Recovery Services.

The Back-UPS Pro is designed to provide high-end power protection of business workstations and stand-alone computers. Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) automatically corrects the deepest brownouts and overvoltage conditions without using the battery thereby preserving battery power for times when its really needed. Built-in fax/modem or network dataline protection prevents surges traveling on phone or network lines from entering the computer and destroying the modem or Network Interface Card. These features combined with a fast recharge time, hot-swappable batteries, bi-weekly auto-diagnostic testing and compatibility with our network manageable PowerChute Plus software makes the Back-UPS Pro the product family of choice for workstations and other business computers.

The fully featured APC Back-UPS RS can be placed on the floor, or on a shelf. Up to six battery backup outlets with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) enable you to work through even the most frequent brownouts and power sags, keeping 75/90/110 minutes of battery power for when you need it most. For printers and other devices that do not store or process information, up to three additional outlets provide surge protection. Both Ethernet 10/100BaseT and telephone dataline surge protection safeguards against surges entering via network connections. The PowerChute Personal Edition software features easy-to-use safe system shutdown with sophisticated power management.

The APC Back-UPS HS 500 is a complete management and power protection solution for structured wiring and home networking applications. It provides the flexibility to remotely manage the UPS and control the outlets via Web browser.

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