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GFI EventsManager GFI EventsManager

Event monitoring, management and archiving


Event monitoring, management and archiving made easy!
The huge volume of system events that is generated daily is a valuable source of information for network administrators to help them monitor configuration changes, administrative actions, identify system errors and suspected security breaches. This is, however, an overwhelming task without the proper tools. The larger the network, the greater is your need for a solution that allows you to monitor, manage and archive thousands of events that are generated by devices across heterogeneous networks.

GFI EventsManager 8, an award-winning events monitoring, management and archiving solution, supports a wide range of event types such as W3C, Windows events, syslog and, in the latest version, SNMP traps generated by devices such as firewalls, routers and sensors. Providing support for devices from the top 20 manufacturers in the world as well as custom devices, GFI EventsManager allows you to monitor an extended range of hardware products, report on the health and operational status of each one and collect data for analysis. You can also track employee activity on the network such as changes made to their PCs, files accessed during the day, meet legal and regulatory compliance such as SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA and much more.

GFI EventsManager helps your organization to address the following 4 areas:

  • Information system and network security: Detect intruders and security breaches
  • System health monitoring: Proactively monitor your servers
  • Legal and regulatory compliance: An aid to meet regulatory compliance
  • Forensic investigations: A reference point when something goes wrong.
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Why use GFI EventsManager?

  • Centralizes Syslog, W3C, Windows events and SNMP Traps generated by firewalls, servers, routers, switches, phone systems, PCs and more
  • Increase network uptime and identify problems through real-time alerting
  • Fast and cost-effective monitoring and management of the entire network
  • SQL Server Auditing for SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and also MSDE & SQL Express
  • Unrivaled event scanning performance scalable to over 6 million events per hour
  • Certified for Windows Server 2008; Supports Windows Vista

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