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GFI MailArchiver GFI MailArchiver

Exchange Server email archiving, management and compliance


Cost-effective email archiving and email compliance software for Exchange

Companies’ dependency on email to do business brings with it various problems. Storage, backups, problematic PST files, access to old emails and email related legal compliance are some issues that arise. To tackle these issues you need GFI MailArchiver, an email archiving and email management software package for Exchange Server with auditing functionality that is cost-effective, easy to install and requires very little administrative effort.

GFI MailArchiver – which ships at an unbeatable price and offers unparalleled performance – is used by thousands of administrators to avoid the pains of PST file management because it reduces the company’s dependency on these files. All email is stored in a central location that is easily accessible using a web browser and the PST migration tool ensures access to old emails stored in PST files on users’ machines. Using the auditing functionality, management can access any email that is requested for ediscovery/email compliance purposes and guarantee that these emails have not been tampered with.

With GFI MailArchiver, network administrators can:

  • Manage and reduce mailbox quotas on Microsoft Exchange server
  • Reduce reliance on cumbersome PST files
  • Archive past, present and future emails into one or multiple databases and avoid complex backup plans to copy PST files from each employee’s workstation.

With GFI MailArchiver, employees can:

  • Access and manage all archived email from anywhere in the world using their web browser
  • Retrieve old and deleted emails on demand – with full thread and conversation
  • Use advanced email search and 'Saved Search' capabilities.

With GFI MailArchiver, management benefits from:

  • Access to emails if required for ediscovery and email compliance purposes, internal inquiries and employee monitoring
  • A safeguard in customer lawsuits
  • Auditing functionality that guarantees stored emails are genuine and have not been tampered with
  • A complete and secure archive of all company email.
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Why choose GFI MailArchiver for Exchange email archiving and management?

  • Cost-effective email archiving and management solution
  • Tens of thousands of customers
  • Support for the industry leading messaging platforms including Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 and Windows Server 2008
  • Reduce reliance on cumbersome PST files
  • Employees can search for and retrieve old emails
  • Auditing functionality to meet compliance/legal requirements.

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